A Kubernetes dashboard that helps you understand and manage your cluster at a glance.

A Kubernetes dashboard that helps you understand & manage your cluster.

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Monitor Cluster Health


Quickly view your cluster’s health via real-time charts that help you track poorly performing resources.

Fast and Live Metrics

lightening bolt

Benefit from a Kubernetes dashboard that automatically refreshes and updates.

Responsive UI

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Monitor your cluster on your phone or tablet utilizing the 100% responsive UI.

# Start in as little as a minute

Install Skooner via the available YAML file.

Deploy Skooner by running the following command:

kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/skooner-k8s/skooner/master/kubernetes-skooner.yaml

See Skooner installation to learn more.

# Customize Skooner

You can configure Skooner in multiple ways, making it totally customizable.

Features you can install include