# Brand Guidelines

When you use the Skooner project name, please keep it in lower case, even at the beginning of a sentence.

See Skooner’s logos below. You can also find Skooner logos on GitHub (opens new window).

White Variant Purple Variant
Skooner primary logo white Skooner primary logo purple
White Variant Purple Variant
Skooner secondary logo white Skooner secondary logo purple

# Logo Mark

White Variant Purple Variant
Skooner global website icon white Skooner global website icon purple

# Logo Usage

The Skooner logo is available in full color and white accent. The full color logo should only appear against white backgrounds. The white accent logo should go against a contrasting color background.

When you use the logo, follow these directives:

  • Do not size the primary logo to be under 1 inch for printing and 72px for the web.
  • Do not size the secondary logo to be under 0.75 inch for printing and 55px for the web.
  • Leave enough margin around the logo: leave the height of the logo in the top, bottom and both sides.
  • Do not distort the logo by changing its proportions.
  • Do not place text or other elements on top of the logo.
  • Do not rotate the logo.

# Colors

Skooner brand color primary purple
Primary Purple:
RGB: 104, 34, 170
HEX: #6822aa

Skooner brand color grey
RGB: 45, 45, 45
HEX: #2d2d2d

Skooner brand color green
RGB: 50, 147, 111
HEX: #32936F

Skooner brand color yellow
RGB:163, 143, 52
HEX: #A38F34

Skooner brand color red
RGB: 209, 73, 91
HEX: #D1495B